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Werewolf Oz chases Tara into a classroom, and then Riley and the Initiative guys take Oz away. Oz is kept caged at the Initiative and just as Riley is about to shoot him dead, he changes back into his human form.

Despite Riley's attempts to help, the scientists start performing tests on Oz.

Willow shocks Buffy with the news about Oz being able to control the wolf.

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Oz takes Willow for a walk outside during a full moon, showing her that he's not in werewolf mode.

While in Tibet, with the help of herbs, charms, chanting, and meditation, he's learned to control the wolf inside.

Oz wants to get back together with Willow, but she is reluctant.

Graham patrols with a team and they are all attacked by a four-legged demon, closely resembling a werewolf.

Buffy and Riley talk about how bad Willow and Oz's break-up really was, and Buffy accidentally mentions that Oz is a werewolf.

Buffy goes off on him when he negatively comments on Willow dating a werewolf (he says that Willow seems smarter than to date a dangerous guy, unknowingly drawing a parallel between Willow and Oz and Buffy and Angel), accusing him of being a bigot and being unable to see past the 'humans versus demons' ideal he's been living.

Buffy wakes up at Riley's, but she's very distant from him.

They talk about the night before in the graveyard and Riley's reaction to Oz, then Riley leaves after hearing news about Graham getting hurt.

Oz returns to Sunnydale after learning to control his werewolf instincts.

However, he loses control when he suspects Tara and Willow's relationship, and is subsequently caught by the Initiative.

Willow and Tara walk around the school grounds holding hands and talk about Tara getting a cat as a pet.

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