Teenage dating dos and donts

The FBI says it is an epidemic, and at any given moment, 750,000 child predators are online.

Almost every case stems from the Philippines, where good English speakers, increased internet connections, and widespread international cash transfer systems combine with widespread poverty and easy access to vulnerable kids.

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My concern is that there has been a move away from relationship-based sex to recreational sex.

I am concerned as well that disconnnected sex may be too much for our teens to handle emotionally.

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The old expression 'Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? And, believe me I am not a fan of either referring to females as cows or of this expression.

It simply seems to apply to the current teen scene.

They tend to be most likely to occur when teens are at parties and under the influence of alcohol. It seems that males and females are equally aggressive these days and have embraced a culture of "friends with benefits" the benefits being physical encounters without the strings of relationships attached.

It is both possible and likely that since many teen girls are making themselves available in two roles-that of the "aggressor" and "available" there is less motivation for the boys to ask them to date.

I do hear about hook-ups and break-ups but am unfamiliar with what "hook-ups" refer to and if they are healthy for our kids.

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