Ten rules for office dating

“We’re starting to hear stories of people breaking up with an office mate and changing from ‘in a relationship’ to ‘single’ on Facebook,” says Losee.

If you’re publishing those kinds of details on Facebook, be prepared to answer questions from Nosy Nancy down the hall.

And the frequency of office romance is increasing as workplaces become more accommodating and hunkered down employees find love amidst adversity.

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“Disclosing the relationship and following the rules may potentially protect you and/or your partner from issues related to sexual harassment,” says Rebecca M. D., a professor in the College College of Business at Frostburg State University who studies workplace relationships.

If there are no corporate hurdles standing in your way, the first thing you need to do is find out a stranger’s relationship status. While a ring on a finger is an obvious indicator, photos on someone’s desk or workspace can also be a big clue a person is taken.

That shared experience can pair you up with someone who you might not have considered your type, says Losee.

So make sure you have more than just the office — and your shared frustrations — in common.

What do Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Julia Roberts have in common?

They all met their spouses at the office, says Stephanie Losee, co-author of Office Mate.Socialize with couples from other social groups; get to know each other’s parents and college friends.The more out-of-office friends, events, gatherings in your life, the healthier your relationship will be.It will be easier for you two to explore a relationship without being the subject of coffee-room gossip. are peers, not going for the same promotion — you’re better off not telling anyone,” Losee says.Same goes for Facebook, particularly if you have colleagues among your online friends — and the rule is doubly important if that budding relationship goes south.So if you find that you’re crushing pretty hard on someone in a nearby cube, don’t worry: you’re definitely not alone. Your office isn't exactly a singles bar, and the line between becoming a “boyfriend” and a “creep” in the corporate world is always a fine one.

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