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You'll | | need it to proceed later on, so make o-----------------------------o sure you get it now.Open the doors leading into Ballymoral Castle itself now. | | | | | | | | | | |__________________________| | _. | | | If you're really not patient enough to | - Go out to the world map and | wait for the guy that sells the Cautery | fight monsters now. As you've o---------------------------------o probably guessed already, you should go in there right away.

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..........................[wa517] - Back to Mamon Mine! That's like thousand years ago, but Dragon Quest never gets old. The coolest thing about the remake is of course that it's handheld, but there's tons of other good stuff too. It's weaker than the Cautery Sword if you have that one, but .-----. | | | |_____ Alright, once Torneko is able to walk again, head west at | | the first fork and go down the stairs.

For example, it features more detailed graphics, and the storyline has been a bit extended compared to the NES version. Dragon Quest IV is quite a long game, which means that there is a ton of information I need to include in this walkthrough. stronger than most of what you're currently armed with. Soon you'll see a | 1 | huge circle-formed boulder.

Once you and the boulder are in the safe room, the gate will shut itself. Note that it won't work anymore after Chapter III, though. In the drawers of the house in the northwestern end of the village are some useless [BOXER SHORTS]. In the same house, talk to the man dressed in purple, and tell him you’re lost. The | ITEM CHECKLIST | innkeeper's drawer has a [LEATHER SHIELD] | | in it.

Examine the safe to get the [STEEL STRONGBOX], then push your boulder on the space that the safe was standing. Before we go to the next part of the storyline, make sure you stop in your hometown to heal (by sleeping with your lovely wife! Go south from your hometown now, and you’ll find a village in the woods. When he asks if you feel like spending the night, say that you want to. Use the armor shop's back entrance | Leather Shield........[ ] | now to find a [SEED OF LIFE] in a barrel | Seed of Life..........[ ] | behind the counter.

You know, the one you fought for in the gladiator tourney. To do that, go back to the village in the woods southeast of Lakanaba.

You know, the village that vanished after you went to sleep there some time ago.

With that out of the way, talk to the princess, and give her the letter from the Prince in Ballymoral.

Remember that to give her the letter you need to SELECT IT FROM YOUR INVENTORY AND "USE" IT.

My goal is to make a comprehensive walkthrough with lots of useful information, and to do that I could really use some help. You know, so that you can tick off items you've found using a pen or something. Imagine that "B" is the | 3 _____| boulder's original location.

So, as you can probably guess, I mostly like to maintain a more general scope, rather than going in-depth with mathematical calculations of attack damage and that kind of stuff. I suck at maths, and I totally fail at everything that's about using numbers. I usually make these introductions a wee bit long in the tooth, so I won't keep rambling much more now. =============================================================================== CONTROLS [be002] =============================================================================== ,--------------------------------------------. ; __________________________ ; | | | | | | | | | | | | | . From there, just run from the | | lowest number (1) to the highest one (4).

Tell the fox that you'll let him go for now, and you'll receive a [FULL PLATE ARMOR].

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