The following error occured validating the name break the ice dating app

Windows clients display "A duplicate name exists on the network" when they detect two devices with the same network name.This error can be triggered in several ways: Note that the computer on which these errors are reported is not necessarily one of the devices having a duplicate name.

the following error occured validating the name-58

Adding the IP address of the server results in a validation error: client (.): query: .

IN SOA - ( client (.): query: .

The device will start up and function in an offline (disconnected) mode only.

These errors are found only on networks which have old Windows XP PCs or are using Windows Server 2003.

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Reimage increases performance, stops computer freezing and system crashes as well as improves overall PC stability.Link Id=5171"I have checked out that site, but it just talks about active directory and we don't even use active directory here.....I can't seem to figure out what to do at this point....usually when a machine falls off the domain, I simply remove it from the domain on the machine, and uninstall and reinstall the network drivers and re-add it to the domain and it works, but not this time.....Get reply "Windows couldn't remove your computer from the workgroup." Have tried the following: Have deleted (actually renamed) Failed in trying to start these services and include error codes: DNS client error 10107 Function discovery resource publication: 0x8007000c Peer network grouping 1068 Homegroup listener 2147023143 Homegroup provider 1068 SSDP discovery (stopped because not in use) Up Np device host 1068 2 Can't join a p2p group (which I want to do instead of the homegroup) Tried to change p2p workgroup name (win7).We are on an NT domain, our DNS server is running Red Hat Linux 9, we DON'T use WINS here, and the DHCP server is serving up the correct DNS server entries......

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