The professional bachelor dating guide pdf

So, all in all, if you don't care about throwing another 20 bucks towards pickup, then go ahead and get it for some interesting information.With razor sharp wit in dissecting the Art of the Pickup and female psyche, Dr.Skip to content "With razorsharp wit in dissecting the Art of the Pickup and female psyche, Dr.

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No stranger to controversy, his follow up to The Hedonist onces again shreds the feminized PC culture and reveals the fast track to being a great seducer is a Pure Alpha Male.

This isn't a layman's guide full of cheezy lines, flashy clothes, and date ideas.

Any women would admit (to other women) the information is very accurate, after all, the author tells you upfront in his discovery phase that it’s written from what works from a woman’s point of view, as well as contains advice from male seducers.

People often carry pre-conceived prejudices when they read, and will take what they want out of this.

There is definitely some great stuff in here about the psychology of a woman, and different behavioral patterns etc.

as well as the psychology and patterns of the alpha male.

As a psychology teacher at a large University, I must say there’s been quite a buzz about this book amongst the faculty.

When you take away the chest pounding and witty shock value, this book is about creating opportunities with the right women, and avoiding the nightmares of dating the wrong ones.

As far as imaginative interpersonal relationship tips for you players, this covers multiple areas to make you great with the ladies on your terms.

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