Thunderbird not updating vista

First backup your profile -- but do not compact folders as recommended in that link.

thunderbird not updating vista-62thunderbird not updating vista-85

We have not changed any settings and have deleted and reinstalled TB 3.1.10 with no change.

It seems as it must be local to this computer but I can't find any help in this matter.

my account and folders are still there; I can see the subjects of all my old emails but I can't access any of them (it says connection refused). the symantec thing looks like an antivirus program only; there is nothing in the control panel about any additional firewalls. Some people have had upgrade problems due to them, though your symptoms are different.

Any chance you have more than one firewall, perhaps part of some Symantec package?

I had been using N360 for several months before this issue occurred, which is why I discounted it as the source of the problem.

But the problem was resolved after N360 was removed.

We haven't made any changes to our computer or relevant software - this first happened a couple of weeks ago and we updated to TB 3.1.10 w/ no change.

At some point it corrected itself and began downloading messages. We tried uninstalling TB and reinstalling it to no effect.

passt man das Programm an die eigenen Bedürfnisse an.

Mozilla Thunderbird bietet alle Funktionen, die man von einem leistungsfähigen Mailprogramm erwarten darf: Kontoverwaltung, Adressdatenbanken, Wörterbücher, Signaturen, Spamfilter und mehr.

So I updated to thunderbird on my computer, running vista home premium. Its happened a few times, though it only seems to occur when somebody had atypical settings such as secure authentication.

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