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Housed in the Transgender Center, the Transgender Archive addresses this by actively searching out and acquiring transgender history.The TFA research library includes journals, studies, biographies and more, both current and obscure.In other words, we don’t simply repeat the news from other media sources, we report the news as...

The library includes both the most current information on transgender issues as well as delicate books that are hundreds of years old.

The archive holds transgender magazines dating back to 1750, transgender statuary from diverse cultures such a China, Africa and Europe, original newspapers recording transgender history dating back to the early 1700s, rare transgender books dating back to the 1600s, original transgender photos dating back to before the Civil War and other transgender artifacts dating back as far as the Roman Empire.

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One problem with traditional dating sites, like e Harmony and Match, is that they don't contain appropriate categories for transgender personals, and if they do, often times the labels are still not wholly inclusive.

People who are part of the transgender community may become frustrated by sites that try to fit people into boxes of male or female because it can make it difficult for them to meet the type of life partner or friend they are seeking.

Our team knows how difficult it can be to trans people to find quality dates, so we created advanced search tools that help you find the matches you want, no matter who you are looking for!

We offer multiple photo uploads, flirting, favorites, and an internal email system which enables our member to connect with each other.

Queer Voices has been the reliable voice of the Houston GLBT community for many years.

Currently Queer Voices can be heard every Monday evening on Pacifica... We look forward to spending the night with YOU and YOURS at the 25th Houston Transgender Unity Banquet Saturday November 4, 2017 doors open at pm Houston Marriot North 255 North Sam Houston Pkwy... The truck will be at Narragansett Town Beach from 6-8 this evening – come look at the waves! Today and tomorrow (Thurs) we will be donating 10% of ice cream related sales to two groups doing...

We are passionate about becoming the go-to service for transgender singles as the best choice for online trans dating!

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