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If you find any other solutions please post them in the comments below.

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Both computers have "dlink" as the SSID (whatever that means).

On the PCI card, I verified it is set to "Obtain an IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS address automatically." Did you install the wireless card drivers from the CD that came with it?

No more “Acquiring Network Address” or “Renewing Your IP Address” for me.

Your setup may differ, but the process should be similar.

This is weird because this isn't a fresh installation of Sage TV - it was already installed on that computer as Sage server, the only difference now that I can see is that the computer is now on a wireless network - which perhaps should slow down the client, but should it really slow down the server that much?

I recently ran into a problem with a wireless network card getting stuck while acquiring a network address.

Anyway the wireless n card will be no faster at internet surfing due to the fact that your internet connection is probably no faster than your wireless connection speed.

Wireless g is 54 mbps and I think your high speed internet is probably no faster than 8 mbps. Sage TV Client is no longer working (it was originally installed on a physical network).

Select it, choose properties, and on the authentication tab, uncheck "Enable IEEE 802.1x...." - apparently this will force you to put in an encryption key manually. Write it down on paper and then go back to the other computer and follow the above steps - this time it will prompt you for the key - it's a masked textbox so first type into Wordpad and then paste it in. But you can always generate a new key and start over.

- If you get "Limited Or No Connectivity" go to Association tab - basically the same place as before which is Properties Next question, we actually have yet another computer, so I also bought a USB wireless network card. There are too many variables to make an assertion either way.

You'll need to note the default IP address of the router (usually in the range though it varies by model).

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