Troy aikman and lorrie morgan dating

They're right up there with all the mistresses no-one ever sees.He actually seems a regular family guy, shocker, I know.

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I'm cautiously optimistic, but I'm not getting my hopes up. An take note that none of the three I mentioned are Americans. As much as I hate the closet, I don't believe in taking that right away from someone. He reminded me of Eddie Olczyk, another guy who had interesting rumours around him a la Shanahan. Or just ask about it to Ted Casablanca and Lainey."I don't care much about Beckham and never found him hot, but you wouldn't have to be a Kinsey 6 to sleep with a man. Same thing with tennis player Gustavo Kuerten, who many said was gay.

I think it's more likely there'll be a gay rookie.r17, they were very close on Lindros, but then he retired. At this point, it's known throughout the hockey world, and his value is strong enough to withstand the old guard homophobes. Shanahan went on and on about stressing his character, almost like he was vetting him. It will be a longtime before someone with the stature of Tom Daley, Ian Thorpe or Matthew Mitchum comes out in one of the Major sports. Became a sports analyst-I'm not surprised with his mouth. Ask about his mistresses to everybody who lives on LA. AFTER he left the NHL, when bearding wouldn't matter, he got married to a woman.

Athletics wise, Kelly Holmes is so obviously gay, but I doubt she'll come out any time soon.

Was rumoured to have been fucking her training partner, the extremely butch Maria Mutola. One more thing, and I hate to say this because it panders to stereotypes, but are we sure that there are even that many gay (male) pro athletes?

Same thing with tennis player Gustavo Kuerten, who many said was gay. I knew his name of course; I followed hockey obsessively for a while. It's also a very small, conservative, provincial town even by Canadian standards.

After he retired he got married and had several children."Plenty of closeted gay or bi guys get married, whether they are athletes or not I think there are a lot of pro-gay athletes, OP. The NHL, however, seems to have zero gay athletes, retired or otherwise. One superstar hockey player in particular and not Sidney Crosby. He lived with his older manager for about ten years in Toronto. Before his retirement Lindros was about to be outted in the media. IIRC, I assumed at the time Curran was gay, but not that they were a couple. The only time Lindros was happy in his entire, miserable hockey career was junior hockey and his days with the Oshawa Generals.So then many extrapolate that to say that 1 in 10 NFL players, MLB players, etc are gay. Because technically that implies that 90% of male figure skaters, fashion designers, and female athletes are STRAIGHT. Not that I wouldn't kill to see an absolute superstar male athlete come out. I heard it explained once as some kind of convenience. Honestly, if you were a young, closeted athlete, would you want to go to Quebec City? The tabloids there are outrageous compared to the rest of Canada.I think it would be one of the final nails in the coffin for the homophobes."AFTER he left the NHL, when bearding wouldn't matter, he got married to a woman. I never, ever would've thought, on age difference alone. They also have no qualms about printing shit that would never make it in English Canada.I never really thought Beckham was guy I just had a crush on him because I thought he was cute.After I saw his entrance to Kate and William's wedding I was absolutely convinced that yes he is gay and very much a nelly at that. If he were trying to coach and/or commentate, I could understand playing the closet game.Lindros had a son this year, Carl Pierre, named for his father. If you're going further back in time, I know who you mean. Seguin is a known partier and probably drunk tweets. They were together years before though not living together and there were also rumors, involving a restaurant tiff between the two, of him and Mike Piazza when Lindros was in New York. Everything else in the guys hockey career was nothing but misery and disappointment. R85 I think some of the "problem" is that it's not unexpected these days for female athletes to be gay (especially in basketball and soccer, 5 of the starting 11 in the English WNT in soccer are gay, for example), but for men it's still seen as strange by some people that athletes would be gay.

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