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" De Chmta Onrce li OHue Bta." /6.— De Ce U o T Co L Biumn*5 Dh-i^oii of Madras Army. — Propotitiont for Better Jifpufrtiinp atut Empl Qi/ing the Poor, chap, xxiii. The admiral married a Russian lady, whose name I want to find out, and had by her several children. Greig distin- guished himself, I am told, at the siege of Sevasto- pol, and in 1857 was officer of artillery to the Grand Duke Constuitine.

G*an ftamti" tt Mma Ai Ctari,% Mnm i Ksmatt thr O' Jh Utm t li g tt Utr* fltr ea* r a p m Om m M9 ttm Umar t » mat kwmo altroctmi l Ae vt Umliom tift At w Htmn r - Taav A* Wa Aom Um» eomtmtmi»m Htioaati. stump hands or feet, or any othrr deformity, 1 am of opinion, that they ate by no means fit objects to go abroad; and ccnsideriag the friglils and pernicious impressions which such horrid sights have ^ivcn to pregnant women (and sometimia even to the disfiguring of infants in the womb) shca M move all tender husbunds to desire the redro M of tbis enormity," Ac. After his death (he Empress Catherine raised a monument to him in the Lutheran church at Revel, and bad a medal ■truck in h'n honour.

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