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Q powder, in ordei- to arrest tbe progress of tlie flames, is said tn have been resorlerf to with stio- CMS during tbe Great Fire of Loudon, Itititj ; and from the above extract from Gay it may perhaps be inferred that the practice still continued in bis diys. At pre- sent (thanks to tbe multiplication and increased power of fire-engines, and to improved meiho Js of buildinj;) there is no necessity fur baving re- course to such dusjfer Hle expedients for tbe pur- pose of controlling the rage of tbe "devouring element." W.

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Tosbua O Gill edit., Glasgow, printed and sold by it & A. 1 shall feel much obliged to any one who will furnish mo with information on any of the follow- inf S points: — What is the inscription on Adm. Is it possible to see one of his medals in England? Ho Rnuncx, OB "Obblinob." — Whence the jngin of tho word, and cbaoge to its present form, ^Kbling t D. ^^tuicnxa TOO Fat to Ride,— **1d Lb* oldest order of kmgbthood, a knicbt who be- came loo Ut to rido was ri^blly deprived of hia spurs," p.

3fi., in T^fie Trade ~ Naeigntio K nf (jrntt'ftritnin Omsiifrretff bv . Another grandson is a barrister in England, and at ^^e present time is Clerk of the Peace for Surrey.

It Is followed by a financial paper" Income Tax and ita Riv Hls:** and the Number with the article which will pr Dbably be coa^i most important in It— the Quarttrly'a reply (o ll»6 BOOKS AND ODD VOLUMES WAHTBD TO Pl Ht CHAM.

TV Uebrt K poem inpiirwl ittaml k l« Mmn Ita* u Mn uirry W/v txv: Ma,l ifrawtag ti/ t Ju »tont T A.

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