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was Canonical's fourth release, and the first long-term support (LTS) release.

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Ubuntu releases are often referred to using only the adjective portion of the code name (e.g. Ubuntu 4.10 (Warty Warthog), released on 20 October 2004, was Canonical's first release of Ubuntu, building upon Debian, with plans for a new release every six months and eighteen months of support thereafter.

a menu editor (Alacarte), an easy language selector, logical volume management support, full Hewlett-Packard printer support, OEM installer support, a new Ubuntu logo in the top-left, and Launchpad integration for bug reporting and software development.

As of Ubuntu 17.10, however, the initial letter 'rolled over' and returned to 'A'.

Names are occasionally chosen so that animal appearance or habits reflects some new feature (e.g., "Koala's favourite leaf is Eucalyptus"; see below).

Ubuntu releases are timed to be approximately one month after GNOME releases, which are in turn about one month after releases of X.

Org, resulting in each Ubuntu release including a newer version of GNOME and X.

Canonical stated their intention for this application to replace Add/Remove Programs (gnome-app-install) in 9.10 and possibly Synaptic, Software Sources, Gdebi and Update Manager in Ubuntu 10.04.

It is Canonical's 12th release of Ubuntu and the third Long Term Support (LTS) release.

Ubuntu releases are made semiannually by Canonical Ltd, the developers of the Ubuntu operating system, using the year and month of the release as a version number.

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