Chatroulette latinoamerica - Updating an old china hutch

Her table and chairs are staying a natural wood color, but we decided to change the china cabinet to a nice off white with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White. We opted not to distress and age this piece too much, but you can do what you are comfortable with on painting furniture and making them over.

I personally think that all of this distressed and sanded down furniture will go the way of faux finished walls eventually.

I couldn’t nail down the word I wanted to use to describe the consistency of Beyond Paint until I was nearly done with the china cabinet makeover. With Beyond Paint, the coverage was similar to Annie Sloan, though.

This trend is not going to last forever, nothing does, so eventually we may see people stripping off all of this paint we are now using. But, for now painting a piece of furniture is still a great way to update and change out the look.

Since this brand of furniture is not high-end or precious, I see nothing wrong with painting it. Now, some of you asked this question on priming or sanding and the beauty of Annie Sloan chalk paint is that NO, you do NOT have to sand or prime with this paint. That’s one of the very best things about this product! The mirrors make it look a little dated, so we decided to cover those. Getting started with painting in Annie Sloan Old White chalk paint.

If it was a high-traffic piece, like a dining room table or coffee table, I would have to seal it.

I recommend using the Beyond Paint brand of sealer.

(I participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites). It took me over a month to get around to this china cabinet makeover, but considering I have furniture that has been in my garage for–, my friend! I’ve been an Annie Sloan chalk paint junkie for the past few years since discovering it. But I also wanted to see how it compares to Annie Sloan so I can fill you guys in on whether it’s a worthy product to try.

That’s fantastic because the prep work is the awful part of any project. It wasn’t drippy or runny, which was sort of cool, although it did take some getting used to. I used a brush, but this paint works really well with a roller, too (the Beyond Paint folks even recommend using a roller because the roller hides the brush strokes).

You can see it in action on this outdoor table I sealed with the sealer.

I know–shame, shame to paint that “good wood.” But like I have said before, there is a time to paint wood and a time to put down the paintbrush.

Paint was sent to me by one of my sponsors, Stylish Patina, and she ships anywhere, so if you’re in the market for Annie Sloan chalk paint, you can get it from her if there is not a handy stockist in your area. We used small foam rollers and brushes on this piece.

I’m glad there were 3 of us or it would have taken days.

I had to remove the inside wood pieces in order to paint around the door and the insert. You know how we DIY’ers roll with the creativity and stuff….. Rub’n Buff is a wax metallic finish that can be used on sooo many surfaces to change the finish.

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