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Fascia does much the same although its main purpose is to modify the look of a building by adding architectural interest to the roof edge.In fact, a false front for a store could be thought of as a type of fascia.

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In climates where snow is common, fascias can become drift magnets, allowing snow to pile up against the parapet and overloading the roof purlins in the exterior bays.

And if a single bay collapses it tends to set up a domino effect with the bays on either side collapsing as well until the entire roof is compromised.

Due to their structure they can seem like part of the building itself, creating a more refined look.

If your building is to sport a fascia, it must be detailed and specified separately from the building itself.

This method uses job specific detail for superior pricing accuracy and transparency - and has become an industry standard through publications and guidance of leading trade associations, including: PHCCA, the NKBA, the NECA, the AIA, and the ASPE.

Explore the full range of fascia new installation labor options and material prices here.

Unlike a canopy, a fascia doesn’t typically extend very far from the edge of the roof so protection from the elements is limited.

Fascia can, however, extend around the entire perimeter of a building if you so desire.

In other words, buildings don’t just come with a fascia and the extra structure must be planned to fit the building and the building frame modified to take the load of the fascia.

A vertical fascia generally adds very little extra load to the building while highly modified fascias, such as double curved eyebrows require very different frame modifications to hold them.

We of course will bring all those new pictures and press copy when available Here is a summary of the new features: *- The front fascia and headlights of Model S now have a design similar to that found on Model X.

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