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You can follow the same instructions as shown above to downgrade firmware: Go to with a username of admin and a password of .In 2012 and in 2015, I purchased Netgear routers which both began experiencing intermittant disconnection problems.Lazily, I didn’t use a wired connection to downgrade this time, and – perhaps luckily – had no problems.

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By the way, if you can’t access it (which happened to me), you may need to restart your router first. Neither will the version it wants you to install, which is

The screen you see after logging in will show your router version at the top right. Best Buy had of boxes of Netgear N300 routers – perhaps more than any other at my local store.

As it turns out, the firmware pre-loaded onto the router was spotty. When I Googled that exact firmware version, it was immediately apparent that this version was the culprit.

I updated to V1.1.1.72 and the connection issue disappeared. Eventually I had to Go into the router’s management by pointing your web browesr to

I pushed the button on the back of the router to power it on and then power it off… I’m not sure why that final step is necessary, but it seemed to make a difference for me.

Three years later, when it came time to update to a newer router, I had almost forgotten about the problems cited above – and opted for another Netgear router, model R6250.to work fine at first, but then I started noticing connection issues shortly thereafter.I was getting disconnected anywhere from once a day to several times an hour.After my first wave of intermittent disconnects – and tinkering with the router settings – I took it back to Best Buy to explain the problem to them.They merely told me to exchange it for a new one, which I did.Only a couple of hours after installing the new one, I found myself disconnecting .

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