Updating firmware router

After my first wave of intermittent disconnects – and tinkering with the router settings – I took it back to Best Buy to explain the problem to them.

They merely told me to exchange it for a new one, which I did.

Let me know if this worked for you, or if you had any other problems with this router.

updating firmware router-45

Almost immediately I felt like it was 2012 all over again, with spotty connectivity and constant disconnects.

Ironically, when I Googled the problem, I ran across article from 2012 and it occurred to me that the same solution of downgrading firmware just might work. On my first attempt, I tried downgrading to version, and have not had a problem since.

I pushed the button on the back of the router to power it on and then power it off… I’m not sure why that final step is necessary, but it seemed to make a difference for me.

Three years later, when it came time to update to a newer router, I had almost forgotten about the problems cited above – and opted for another Netgear router, model R6250.

In both cases, I was able to solve the problem by downgrading the firmware to an earlier version.

I should also note that my 2012 router is still in use in another location – with the downgraded firmware still working like a champ.Some models provide different host interfaces such as USB and Ethernet, while others offer features such as power consumption measurement.When installing a newer release of CCS or updating the TI Emulators component of CCS (details on the XDS Emulation Software Package page or Updating CCSv6 page), keep in mind you may need to update the firmware of your JTAG debugger.This is how I fixed the same problem – 3 years apart – with two Netgear routers constantly disconnecting intermittently.It is a revised version of my original 2012 post to include updated info from 2015.It offers a balance of low cost with good performance between the super low cost XDS100 and high performance XDS560 classes of JTAG debuggers and is compatible with Code Composer Studio™ development environment version 5.2.0 and newer.

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