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Add(Example Date) Dim Short Column As New Bound Field Short Column.

Add(Short Column) Dim Long Column As New Bound Field Long Column.

It is certain that creating a Grid View programmatically is much more difficult than dragging and dropping from the Toolbar onto the Design page.

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The source may be: a hard-coded value like "3.95", which would return all products less than $3.95; the value of a Web control on the page, allowing the user to enter a price bound in a Text Box; from the querystring; from session state; and so on.

Likewise, the parameter values in the Astute readers will notice the similarity between the Access Data Source and Sql Data Source controls' inserting, deleting, and updating workflows.

Column Name N = @Parameter Value N WHERE Primary Key Column Name1 = @Primary Key Value To Update1 AND Primary Key Column Name2 = @Primary Key Value To Update2 AND ...

AND Primary Key Column Name N = @Primary Key Value To Update N , in this instance - has its value specified via the data source control's Select Parameters, which can specify a source for the parameter value.

Also, attributes like sorting, paging, Edit / Cancel Buttons must be taken into consideration.

Here is an example of the VB code for a full-featured Grid View: Dim gv Example As New Grid View With gv Example .

Unfortunately, instructions for building a complex Grid View were nowhere to be found. Adding a Grid View control is generally much more complicated than this, and also requires many more attributes.

Each column must be declared and added to the Grid View prior to the Grid View itself being added to the Form / Panel / Placeholder, etc.

Add(View Button) Dim Edit Button As New Template Field Edit Button. Item Template = New My Button Template ' This is a user-defined class that creates this Button Edit Button.

Add(Edit Button) Dim Voided As New Check Box Field Voided.

Add(Voided) Dim Example Date As New Template Field Example Date.

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