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Its more than a month since I have upgraded to firmware 2.2.1 and I am happy to report that Safari crashes have reduced significantly.

So if you would like to support him, you can make a donation by visiting his website.

Meanwhile, i OS developer and hacker, Abraham Mastri aka @cheesecakeufo has tweeted a screenshot to reveal that he has managed to get Cydia to run on i OS 11.1.2 using the tfp0 i OS 11.1.2 exploit but it is “super limited” at the moment.

Last month, the i Phone hacking community had released a tool called p Hase Ban Downgrader to help i Phone 3G users who had accidentally upgraded to i Phone OS 2.2.1 without preserving their baseband to downgrade baseband from to .

However, the tool had two limitations, it worked with only bootloader version 5.08 and it was only meant for those who were technically inclined as it required some command line work.

But using Quick Pwn or the upgrading to i Phone Firmware 2.2.1 from i Tunes will re-lock your i Phone 3G.

So i Phone 3G users should use Quick Pwn 2.2.5-2 if you DON' T care about unlocking and want to ONLY jailbreak your i Phone 3G.

Apple released i Phone firmware 2.2.1 couple of weeks back which included some minor bugs and improvements.

The Dev Team had warned against updating to firmware 2.2.1 as it also included a baseband update which breaks the "injection hole" that they had used in their application yellowsn0w to modify the firmware which had helped to successfully unlock i Phone 3G.

Apple had released i Phone firmware 2.2.1 back in Jan which included some minor bugs and improvements.

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