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Then, add the song back from the Apple Music catalog and add it just to a playlist.With i Tunes, you can manage the content on your i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod by manually syncing specific items to your device.

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This means that you've used a different computer to sync your device in the past, and i Tunes can't sync without first erasing and replacing all i Tunes content on your device.

If you have media on your computer that you can't redownload from the App Store or i Tunes Store directly on your i OS device, such as custom ringtones or i OS apps, you can drag and drop the media from your computer to your i OS device using i Tunes.

With Apple Music, when you add a song to a playlist from the Apple Music catalog, you can turn off the option for it to automatically add to your Library.

For example, if you create a playlist for holiday music, you can add songs to that playlist without the chance that they'll play when you listen to your Library on shuffle in July.

However, moving the i Tunes library to another computer is not as difficult as it seems, since you have the original (host) computer up and running, so you can get stuff out of it.

Apple has detailed instructions for that, so have a look at them.

Once that’s finished, you can add/remove content, the i Pod will be fully syncable with the new computer. The second approach is for music that you didn’t download from i Tunes.

Instead, it is the music (or videos) that you probably ripped from CDs (or obtained from some other source). Make sure i Tunes is not running or it will prompt you to close it.

When you change this setting on one device, the change applies to all other devices on which you're signed in with the same Apple ID.

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