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Just a matter of copying and pasting, it’s that simple.

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button and make sure ‘Prevent i Pods, i Phones, and i Pads from syncing automatically’ is checked.

Recovering Media (Music, Playlists, Videos, Podcasts) This is our first approach.

Make sure to enable backing up onto your computer, if that is possible (I didn't have to change any settings in order for this to work, but I may have changed settings prior to this)When I installed i OS5, at first my i Pod had no data on it.

Then it took about 2 hours for all the apps, music, etc to be re-loaded onto the device from the backup.

However, moving the i Tunes library to another computer is not as difficult as it seems, since you have the original (host) computer up and running, so you can get stuff out of it.

Apple has detailed instructions for that, so have a look at them.

If you're using an i Pad or i Pod, you can add music from multiple i Tunes Libraries, but videos from only one i Tunes Library.

You might see a message that your device is synced with another library.

This happened automatically, without my having to do anything.

So, in summary, yes installing i OS5 deleted all the data on my device, but then it re-populated my device with all the data I had previously.

This means that you've used a different computer to sync your device in the past, and i Tunes can't sync without first erasing and replacing all i Tunes content on your device.

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