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You can see the sequence number (“1”) in the end of the subject and when it was received (in my example I took the screenshot at a later date). When the OAB generation processes run over several days, you will also see the delta / differential OAB files.

In any case, the OAB files in this folder will have a continuous order of sequence numbers.

updating oab-88updating oab-89updating oab-16

Then you need to check the application event log for entries of source “MSExchange SA” and category “OAL Generator”, so events like this one In order to have the system log these events it is a best practice to have event logging level increased for this category on a permanent basis, because you might be missing important events otherwise in case OAB creation fails.

The flow of events will also show which version of the OAB has been successfully created and which have failed.

This is an article written by Frank Plawetzki, a Senior PFE from Deutschland, and originally published on Opsvault.

Throughout the last weeks I have seen two different issues that prevented Outlook clients from downloading the OAB (Offline Address Book).

But let’s start with the OAB generation and publishing process.

In case you want to start with a detailed understanding of the process, Dave Goldman has provided a detailed guidance on the client-server interaction when downloading an OAB in his post Understanding why error code 0X8004010F is thrown when trying to download an OAB.

So you can check very easily on which day which sequence number OAB file has been created.

Another very important property is the “size” of this OAB file item in that folder.

The CAS itself will use the “Microsoft Exchange File Distribution” service to pull the OAB from the mailbox server and will save the OAB in the path mentioned here: If you generate a new OAB for troubleshooting purposes and it has been generated on the mailbox server, but is not available on the CAS, you can use the Command Let “Update-File Distribution Service –Identity –Type OAB”, in order to force re-distribution of the OAB files.

So, in the end, as soon as Autodiscover is able to provide the OAB URL to the client and the OAB file is present to the CAS, the Outlook client should be able to pull the OAB via a HTTP-request and then using its own BITS service to copy it over to the client.

One of the most important events will tell you that the generation process has published the OAB to the public store.

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