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A very useful tool at this point is MFCMAPI, which you can use to open the OAB folder within a certain public folder and check if the OAB files you want to see are present and in good shape.

In my example, it would be this folder: By double-clicking this folder, you can see the OAB items it contains.

updating oab-36

While checking this list, the administrator can be sure that the OAB has been generated successfully and check if it has been published at the place where the Outlook client is expecting to find it.

At the end of this post, I will give a recommendation regarding the best way in my opinion for rolling out a new OAB to your whole user base, in case you face a situation where a full OAB download for all Outlook clients is necessary.

One affected public-folder based OAB distribution and the other affected web-based distribution.

I want to provide some hints on things that need to be checked in order to follow the OAB generation and publishing process from the server to the client.

You can see the sequence number (“1”) in the end of the subject and when it was received (in my example I took the screenshot at a later date). When the OAB generation processes run over several days, you will also see the delta / differential OAB files.

In any case, the OAB files in this folder will have a continuous order of sequence numbers.

From there public folder replication will kick in and take care of replicating the OAB files to all public stores specified as replicas.

So you need to consider an additional delay here until a certain folders has been fully replicated to all public folder replicas.

I am stressing this point, since this was the root cause of the first case I was working on when public folder based OAB distribution failed.

In that case OAB download failed with Outlook error 0x8004011B aka MAPI_E_CORRUPT_DATA.

Just enter the server name into explorer and you will see the share with the local files: After entering the Exchange OAB directory, you see the GUIDs of the OABs and creation time stamps: It is important to note that you can double-check this GUID for Outlook 2007 and older clients since they are using the web-based distribution method of the OAB.

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