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Targeted discussions on the Panel process with internal and external stakeholders, June – December 2011 (completed).

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Above all, it requires a culture change, which can be difficult because people resist change.

To avoid this pitfall, fleet policies and procedures should be written with safety as the motivator, allowing end-users to become part of the process, since safety is everyone’s job.

To be effective, fleet policies must be routinely updated and communicated.

Implementing a fleet policy can be a challenge for any fleet mangement operation, requiring the support of employees, supervisors, senior management, human resources, and union officials.

In addition, the HUP implemented in the probabilistic form can quantify the uncertainty of the actual discharge to be forecasted and provide a posterior distribution as well as interval estimation, which offer more useful information than two other deterministic updating procedures.

Thus, the HUP updating procedure is more promising and recommended for real-time flood forecasting in practice.

The objective of this study is to investigate and compare the capability of three updating procedures, namely autoregressive (AR) model, recursive least-squares (RLS) model and hydrologic uncertainty processor (HUP) in the real-time flood forecasting.

The Baiyunshan reservoir basin located in southern China was selected as a case study.

Employees may work under different job titles such as repairers, electricians, carpenters, security guards, etc.

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