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So for my own reference, I’ve put together some comprehensive instructions. Here’s a quick summary of the steps we’ll need to take: Before you begin, make sure your Mac is fully up-to-date.

Open up the App Store and check for any available updates or upgrades.

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Open Terminal and run the following command: We'll be using Git for our version control system so we're going to set it up to match our Github account. Chances are you won't want to use it because it's stored as a simple file on disk.

If you don't already have a Github account, make sure to register. You'll probably want something more robust like My SQL or Postgre SQL.

(Gem:: File Permission Error) You don't have write permissions for the /Library/Ruby/Gems/2.0.0 directory. I have XCode installed (mac OS 10.12.6), but when I try to install Homebrew, it tries to install Xcode command line tools and fails.

I have not had this problem before trying to install Rails on earlier versions of Mac.

You’ll have access to the latest development tools as well as all the features to inspire your development.

The Xcode Command Line Tools provide a C language compiler needed to install Ruby.

If you have not already done so you may wish to read the Installing Calabash on OS X guide and install Calabash.

Working as an i OS instructor at Flatiron School I became very familiar with the process of setting up brand new Macs for development.

This article is titled "Setup Ruby On Rails on mac OS 10.12 Sierra" but they don't work. I barely know html but I took the course for the command line at and that really helped. Downloaded this to do the tutorial by Chris Pine, Learn to Program.

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