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Su-33 and Mi G-29 Update for DCS World Both the Su-33 and Mi G-29 are getting some love!

Additionally, a letter with the new key will be sent to you.

Have a wonderful holiday and upwards on onwards into 2016!

In addition to testing the module though, there are two other big items that need to resolve: First, we are awaiting final missions and a quick start manual from RAZBAM.

Once they are delivered, we should be good-to-go content wise for an open beta.

This will be based on the Su-27 PFM, but will be adapted for weights, the tail hook, and its distinctive aerodynamic features.

Once we complete the flight model of the Spitfire IX, we will begin work on a new flight model for the Mi G-29.

As said in the newsletter today, we started internal beta testing just today.

While the team is finding bugs, there is nothing too serious so far.

This week we continued working on debugging of DCS World 1.5 Open Beta and moved very close to its final release.

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