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What we really want is the first parameter w Param to be a Null.

This is not a variant Null but a Null Pointer so we assign 0 to it.

updating with global variable in autosys-68

Other folders within the Session Manager Key provide other values you can change.

Also, if you wish to purely change a setting for a specific user (current user) use the path HKEY_CURRENT_USEREnvironment.

Values may not already exist in Current User, so you may need to create the value prior to setting it.

Define our Constants In the source code in Code Central the source for the entire form can be downloaded, however since most of the code (reading and writing to the registry) is reasonably straightforward, I've left it out.

Lastly, I've never been entirely happy with doing Win API calls, so if someone cleverer than me out there sees that I've got a huge memory leak going on Please let me know.

Download Sample Code from Code Central By Toby Allen This does NOT work in my XP. Follow this to observe the problem: run Change Env Path.When a subsystem is executed, opens and reads the CCASYS file.The CCASYS file must be open to use the Subsystem Management facility and to run any user-written subsystem.I needed to be able to put my applications install path onto the system path, so that users could use the start menu - Run command to access my application.Ive been working with computers long enough to know how to do this in DOS or using an file.As with everything in life if you can't find it elsewhere go looking for it on Google. In order to achieve my ends all I needed to do was set the required value in the registry and send the WM_SETTINGCHANGE message to the system.

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