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Changing compatibility to Win XP, on Windows 7 works great . Thanx trisotte - now i can play on my girlfriends computer . It worked on problem with some non-existing program, that collides with game client.

I dont know if it helps with other X-Trap problems.

Please, restart game." Can anyone pls tell me, what's the problem?

updating xtrap-19

\\\ I have tried many different ways of trying to get past X-Trap, But it seems that if you mess around with the files they dont work , i thought i almost had it once when i messed around with a file, got past with my CSS speed hacks on the computer, than a Few minutes later it detected it.

If you ever get this error 02-0300-00000000-044 SOME FUNCTIONS PROVIDED BY THE OPERATING SYSTEM ARE NOT WORKING PROPERLY, just do a quick system Restore, and if it still does not work, do the system restore again, but dont run KO reinstall it and run it, it should stop giving the error then.

This cause could be u haven't updated (offline explorer) or cause the files are corrupt. This error is cause u are using older version of Xtrap files or u can't contact Xtrap server in Korea. If u are sure u are using current version, then please make sure your firewall is not blocking host 211.1 port 2000. Please read step 1 a nd be sure that u are using latest version of Xtrap.

To update properly, delete your \Knightonline\Xtrap\ folder and run KO again. Some antiviruses could also trigger this error message.

X-Trap is an anti-cheating program created and maintained by Wise Logic, used in almost all Cross Fire versions to prevent players from using hacking tools.

Like anti-virus programs, X-Trap is launched along with Cross Fire and continue manipulating memories while CF is running to detect suspicious processes that try to interact with

This is done automatically when u load the game, but sometimes cause of firewalls or network problems, is not done. To verify what version u have, run KO and wait til the Xtrap tray icon appears.

Put your mouse over the Xtrap tray icon and u should see this: Xtrap(Game Security)_1128 If the number is different, then u have a different/older version and KO will show and error message and then close. This can be caused also by older or corrupted Xtrap files or some 3rd party software considered by Xtrap as a hack.

they must set the updated X-Trap in their scanning progress as a non-threat application by updating the Anti-Vira.

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