Chat with slut without regist - Validating a short acculturation scale for filipino americans

Acculturation was measured using the Short Acculturation Scale for Filipino Americans (ASASFA).Dietary acculturation was measured using the Dietary Acculturation Questionnaire for Filipino Americans (DAQFA) and dietary intake was determined using the Block’s Brief Food Frequency Questionnaire (BFFQ).

Acculturation had a significant negative relationship with Filipino Dietary acculturation.

Acculturation occurs when an individual migrates to a new country and goes through a process of adapting to the host country.

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Increased fruit and vegetable intake was also found to be significantly related to Filipino Dietary Acculturation but not to Western Dietary Acculturation.

The results showed that the Filipino Dietary Acculturation scale was a significant negative predictor of acculturation.

The participants with a higher consumption of traditional food had a lower acculturation score.

Anthropometric measurements were obtained including weight, height and waist circumference.

In addition to genetic factors, risk factors for Filipinos that contribute to this health disparity include high sedentary rates and high fat diets.

However, Filipinos are seriously underrepresented in preventive health research.

This study will provide preliminary evidence to determine if the Pil Am Go4Health weight loss lifestyle intervention is feasible, and if the program demonstrates potential efficacy to reduce risks for metabolic syndrome in Filipinos with T2D.

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