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You can check ranges within pairs of numbers, alphabetic characters, and dates. The Range Validator is used to validate if the given data is in the specified range or not. NET Ajax toolkit has a Calendar Extender control which is very cool as you can associate the Calendar Extender to a Text Box and also to a Button.

Drag the Calendar Extender Control from the Ajax Control Toolkit so that you can popup the Calendar.

Introduction : Ajax (Asynchronous Java Script and XML) is a new web development technique used for interactive websites.

With AJAX help we can develop web applications and retrieve small amounts of data from the web server. The Range Validator control is used to ensure that the user has entered an input value that is between two values.

You have to use this format also when using a custom validator.

The code snippet below demonstrates how to configure Range Validator.

You can access all the commonly used HTML controls through the HTML tab in the Visual Studio . You can drag these controls to a Web Form and set their properties in the Properties window.

The Compare Validator control is used to compare data entered in two form fields.

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The risk from using it lies entirely with the user.

The common properties are: Control To Validate: We can specify the id of the control to Validate. Text: It specifies Error message to be displayed by the control.

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