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In Exchange 2013 you can use Move-Database Path Power Shell cmdlet in Exchange Management Shell to move the database. In this post, I will show steps to move database and log folder path in Exchange 2013 using Power Shell cmdlet in EMS.To view current list of databases type Get-Mailbox Database cmdlet in EMS.Heb een aantal artikelen gevonden die hiervoor geschikt zouden moeten zijn.

Percent complete: 95.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Mailbox Store finalization is complete.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Session Statistics updated.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Verifying mailbox contents...2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Transient error Storage Permanent Exception has occurred.

At some point, you might want to transfer your Mailbox database and/or Log folder to new location.

Goedemiddag Tweakers, Even voor de goede orde: Ik ben zelf geen systeembeheerder, maar heb deze functie tijdelijk vanwege vertrokken collega.

Voor een klant moet ik een Exchange database verplaatsen vanwege ruimte tekort.

For starters, always store Database and Log files in separate drives other than the drive where Exchange is installed.

For example, Exchange can be installed in C drive, Database can be stored in D drive and Logs can be stored in E drive.That is the only option I can think of at this point, but really don't want to for obvious reasons. Migration log: 2015-09-26 PM [DEST_Server] The Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication service 'dest_server,domain.local' (15.0.847.31 caps:03FF) is examining the request.2015-09-26 PM [] Connected to target mailbox 'Primary (db9baa6b-5e84-4c3a-a44d-77d99c3a1d53)', database 'Mailbox Database 1577218130', Mailbox server 'Dest_Server.domain.local' Version 15.0 (Build 847.0).2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Connected to source mailbox 'Primary (db9baa6b-5e84-4c3a-a44d-77d99c3a1d53)', database 'Source_Server\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database', Mailbox server 'Source_Server.domain.local' Version 8.3 (Build 392.0).2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Request processing continued, stage Incremental Sync.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Folder hierarchy changes reported in source 'Primary (db9baa6b-5e84-4c3a-a44d-77d99c3a1d53)': 0 changed folders, 0 deleted folders.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Incremental Sync 'Primary (db9baa6b-5e84-4c3a-a44d-77d99c3a1d53)' completed: 0 hierarchy updates, 0 changed messages.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Stage: Incremental Sync.Percent complete: 95.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Final sync has started.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Folder hierarchy changes reported in source 'Primary (db9baa6b-5e84-4c3a-a44d-77d99c3a1d53)': 0 changed folders, 1 deleted folders.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Incremental Sync 'Primary (db9baa6b-5e84-4c3a-a44d-77d99c3a1d53)' completed: 1 hierarchy updates, 0 changed messages.2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Source mailbox information: Regular Items: 9304, 2.897 GB (3,110,203,600 bytes)Regular Deleted Items: 671, 346.3 MB (363,076,557 bytes)FAI Items: 70, 0 B (0 bytes)FAI Deleted Items: 8, 3.707 KB (3,796 bytes)2015-09-26 PM [Dest_Server] Stage: Final Incremental Sync.Name : Mailbox Database 1966797880 Edb File Path : E:\Exchange\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 1966797880\Mailbox Database 1966797880Log Folder Path : E:\Exchange\Mailbox\Mailbox Database 1966797880 Het volgende commando wat ik zou moeten gebruiken is Move-Database Path Hiervoor gebruik ik: Move-Database Path -Identity Mailbox Database 1966797880 -Edb File Path G:\Exchange\Mailbox Database 1966797880-Log Folder Path G:\Exchange De error die ik hierbij krijg is: A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument ' Database'.Category Info : Invalid Argument: ( [Move-Database Path], Parameter Binding Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : Positional Parameter Not Found, Move-Database Path PSComputer Name : nvt In het ene artikel staat Move-Database Path -Identity en de ander zonder -Identity Beide doen het niet. Volgens artikel wordt database gedismount bij het gebruik van dit commando.Type, Get-Mailbox Database “Mailbox Database 2018660615” | fl Name, *path* in EMS as shown below.

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