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The Status fields contain the values After you have created a foreign key, the name of the check table appears in the Check Table column on the Dictionary: Table/Structure screen.

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When you created the foreign key, you did not have to specify the fields that should participate in the foreign key relationship-the system determined it automatically.

This section explains how the system determines these field names.

To view this documentation, from any screen choose the menu path Help- The second requirement exists to make sure that the fields being compared are compatible in data type and length (see Figure 4.2).

Figure 4.2 : This is a diagram of the foreign key field, check table field, and the common domain they share.

Before you create a foreign key, you must first have a check table.

Although there is already a country code table in R/3, for practice you will create and use your own.

With such a foreign key in place, the user cannot insert invalid country codes into table -.

A foreign key gets its name from the fact that it must always check against a field in the primary key of another table.

Thus, the foreign keys are already checked before the program receives the values.

In addition to the Enter key, foreign keys are also checked when a function key, a pushbutton, or a menu item is selected.

Foreign key checking is performed by the R/3 user interface.

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