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Your Sent folder may offer the best clue to whether you have been hacked or spoofed.

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There are two licensing options for the application.

The standard, or adware option, provides the features needed to maintain your addresses.

It still has smtp accounts from the old system being populated on the new accounts. Thanks The normal behavior of the RUS is to leave a user's email addresses alone, regardless of whether those addresses match the policy. I did restart the System Attendent and "Update Now".

It is not the normal behavior for the RUS to regenerate recipient addresses to force them to match the policy.

You can also generate an e-mail request or a driving directions request from the same primary window.

E-mail requests and driving directions requests can be made to either the person's home or work location.hope this works and is helpful It's very possible there's nothing you can do, but before giving up if you still have access to the account you should immediately change the password and anything that could possibly be used by a hacker to perform a password recovery - like secret questions, alternate email addresses and the like. If you have a question, start by using the search box up at the top of the page - there's a very good chance that your question has already been answered on Ask Leo! If you don't find your answer, head out to to ask your question.I have a single Recipient Policy running and for some reason it is not updating on the users.You can select the envelope size, and you can specify where the To Address and the Return Address are placed on the envelope. It is functional as an address book, but why in the world is there no cover page?In addition, the Print Envelope function and the Print Multiple Envelopes function have been combined into a single function. I'd like to see an add fields option which may be available on the premium version. You open the book and all the data for the last address one had open is there in the clear. The regeneration of proxy addresses only occurs when the policy is in an "applied" state. These two options only control the scope of users that the RUS looks at - they do not affect the decision-making process that occurs for each user. I have the new users that I set up using the new policy.

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