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White items are particularly popular with some fans of this fetish.

Wam on cam

"Cake Sitting" (the act of deliberately sitting on a large cake or gateaux, either clothed or nude) is often considered a sub-fetish in its own right, but may be linked to the crush fetish.

While participants who sit on cakes for pleasure will do so for the tactile sensory experience, or as part of submissive role-playing, those who enjoy watching the act will often focus specifically on the crushing of the dessert as a visual stimulus for a sexual reaction.

There is some crossover between the wet and messy fetish and clothing destruction fetishes.

Some WAM productions will see models start out fully dressed, usually in quite smart outfits such as formal dresses or suits; they will then be covered in messy substances, after which their messy clothes are cut up, typically with scissors, leaving them naked or nearly so.

In other words, instead of using the same reverse on both proof and business strikes, the mint began using different reverses on cents dated 1994 and beyond. The die may spread far enough to create what appears to be a small space between the A and M.

If things went according to plan all proof cents dated 1994 and on would have the " has close initials.

A fetish for bodily fluids such as feces, urine, vomit, semen, and female ejaculate is not considered part of WAM.

The former three are typically considered coprophilia, urophilia, and emetophilia; urophilia is somewhat commonly found in mainstream pornography.

WAM is sometimes also combined with bondage, where a subject is first restrained or chained up and then hosed down or messed up.

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