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Recently, for instance, Washingtonian magazine examined the difficulty of dating when one is a conservative or Republican, where the problem is amplified to the point of near-caricature.

Sources talk of avoiding men's Bumble and Tinder profiles with MAGA hats, and warnings to swipe left if you voted for Trump.

(Calling actual Nazis "Nazis" is an acceptable thing to do by either side.

If I ever meet one, I'll be sure to do so.)Still, articles about the pitfalls of inter-party dating are amusing and easy to write because it reinforces the divisions that are already around us.

A writer for a conservative news site told Washingtonian, “The political divide has gotten so wide that a lot of younger liberals don’t have any interest in meeting conservatives.”A friend who has lived in Phoenix and Chicago over the last several years tells me he’s encountered similar requirements from women on

He said the political declarations are always to weed out those on the right.

One dating app is even banning users from using photos with guns in them, whether or not the pictures are violent or even of veterans from their tours of duty.

Bumble CEO and founder Whitney Wolfe Herd told Time magazine, “We don’t want guns to be romanticized.

“If you’re dating someone and they say ‘I think we should have lower marginal tax rates,’ that’s different than dating someone who doesn’t think a woman should have a right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy,” a single woman at a progressive nonprofit told .

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