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For what it’s worth, CN has been a great partner in that regard…I know an 8 year old and 10 year old really well, and always look at these kinds of things through their eyes…I’m just enjoying life so much at the moment that I don’t get here as often as I used to.

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Kissing is the touching of two peoples lips together, to express their love and affection for one another.

A kiss between couples usually shows romantic affection and desire and is one of the strongest and most passionate forms of physical contact between people.

I need a 2d artist to draw a comic like game (visual novel).

You must have a very open mind as it has taboo sexual content.

Clockwise from left, foreground: Yakko, Dot, and Wakko; left to right, background: Chicken Boo, Ralph, Mindy, Buttons, Pinky and the Brain, Hello, Nurse! Scratchansniff, Bobby, Squit, Newt, Marita, Minerva Mink (hidden behind Dot), Pesto, and Flavio."Newsreel of the Stars! Here at the Warner Brothers' new animation department, the artists toil endlessly to create new cartoon stars...

ultimately creating three new characters - the Warner Brothers and their sister Dot! It does help that the recent developments in my live have been especially fun and fulfilling.Even if the updates are few and far between, the archives are here for others to enjoy.One last friendly warning; be careful in your choice of kissing emoticons and who you send them to, you've been warned!Got an emoticon that you'd like to share with other kissers from around the world? I’ve lovingly and carefully restored many of the images that I’ve used here and I’ve done that to share these with other spanking enthusiasts so I have no desire to take this site down.

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