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They still describe the characters on their website as “three super-powered little girls out to save the world before bedtime.” But Yoon’s cover takes its creative cues from the officially licensed Japanese spinoff series , in which the Powerpuff Girls are older and more provocatively dressed.

CN’s attempts to extend the franchise has muddied the audience for the show with no clear sense of who the characters are intended for anymore.

comic book variant cover that was intended to ship next month from IDW Publishing.

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For what it’s worth, CN has been a great partner in that regard…

I know an 8 year old and 10 year old really well, and always look at these kinds of things through their eyes…

I think they were thinking of it more along the lines of ‘female empowerment’ than the kind of thing you guys are talking about, but certainly, we’re sensitive to the issues here.

We love making comics for kids, and always want them to be appropriate.

I do believe that spankee is doing the classic trying to “swim” away from her spanking technique. It’s been a busy year with lots of changes all for the good so I’ve neglected this site for my private life.

Sorry if anyone feels cheated but real life does have to come first.

I need a 2d artist to draw a comic like game (visual novel).

You must have a very open mind as it has taboo sexual content.

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