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If the information is based on a study done several years ago, you should look for more recent information to ensure that the information is still valid.For example, a website that has not been updated recently or an article that is several years old may not include information on new promising treatments.

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If you need to make an important medical decision, substantiate the information you receive through the local paper with information from a doctor and other credible sources.

Also check to see when the information was published or when the Web page was last updated.

Keep in mind that the experience of one individual does not necessarily apply to you.

Although such forums can provide valuable information, there are very few safeguards in place to ensure the credibility or accuracy of the information.

Is the information based on evidence from a study, on expert opinion or is it merely the opinion of the writer?

Although your local newspaper may provide excellent information on certain topics, it lacks the expertise of a cancer journal or a national organization specializing in the field of cancer.

If the publisher's or author's contact information is listed in the form of a mailing address or phone number, this also can add to the legitimacy of the information.

An important clue to the identity of the publisher can be found in the Web address: When assessing the accuracy, try to determine whether the information is supported by evidence from scientific studies, other data or expert opinion.

If the information is medical, credibility is generally enhanced if it is provided by a medical institution, an entity that brings together medically knowledgeable professionals, or a government health agency.

Knowing that a publication has undergone peer review by a panel of professionals in the field can add to the credibility of the information.

Read the article carefully to see if the authors discuss any limitations or weaknesses of the study.

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