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That’s the way it is and it’s just fine.” On his wife calling him an “old soul”: “I guess so. We complement each other, for sure, both in our work and on an everyday level.

She pushes and inspires me, and I hope I do the same for her.” Her friends have become his friends: “Well, all her good friends have become my friends, but I don’t come from a world where art was a big thing. I’m not sure what my point of those comparisons would be… Swifty infantilizes herself, Kristen is begging us to infantilize her, and Emma will probably hindered by the public’s collective inability to see her as anything but the young Hermione.

All the stuff I was learning on set didn’t apply at school.

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Aaron had a long interview with Aaron was filming Anna Karenina and Oliver Stone’s Savages at the same time: “I was filming Savages while I was doing AK, so it was tough at times to adjust,” says Aaron, still sounding a bit shellshocked.

AK stands for Anna Karenina, Joe Wright’s highly stylised adaptation of Tolstoy’s classic novel.

:/ Sorry if that offended anyone :) I love him in angus thongs and perfect snogging I can watch that movie all day! Nothing we say or write on the internet is not going to affect hes decison on liking or loving this woman.

I dont really mid if hes dating or married to someone else cause hes not as hot as he was before but if he was with her when he looked like he did in that movie heck ya id be jelouse! I have already watched it twice today, and plan to watch it on later in the day. The deppression of his character, and the way he is reaching out for help, but just in the wrong way... I dont like his girlfriend though, I dont no what he sees in her...

I never really knew that world until I met her.” [From The Guardian] He’s the same age as Kristen Stewart. And there’s Aaron Johnson, the same age, already a father of two (and stepfather of two), a husband and an in-demand actor with an assortment of artsy friends and colleagues.

Can’t there be a happy medium between “too mature for 22” and “22 going on 13”?

It just feels natural to me.” Did he fall in love with Sam on the set of Nowhere Boy? While the rest of the cast and crew are welcoming, Taylor-Wood and Johnson seem oblivious to the world.”) Having a public romance: “It shaped and changed our world quite quickly, because we were both strong and stayed by each other’s side,” he says.

“We didn’t listen to publicists who said things like: ‘If you go out to events, make sure you take separate cars. I won’t mention any names, but further up the line you see bigger actors playing those sorts of games. We did what we felt was right.” Working with his wife again: “Right now it’s more about what Sam’s doing next,” he says, refusing to be drawn on specifics.

If anyone asked me, I’d just say I was away somewhere.

I never felt comfortable talking about that acting, and the kids I was around didn’t give a f–k about that world.

Comments you post may require a paid membership to delete. For all we know she could be the most intresting, loving, caring woman, the world has ever seen.

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