Who is alexis denisof dating

Denisof is a veteran of several television projects including HBO's Hostile Waters and the television miniseries Noah's Ark, opposite Jon Voight and Mary Steenburgen.

In 1997, Alexis was cast as A native of Salisbury, MD, Denisof grew up in Seattle, where he began his acting career in productions at the distinguished ACT (A Contemporary Theatre).

Alyson Hannigan, with her brilliant one-liners and revealing secrets, was clearly the star of the red carpet and panel. On a movies, so clearly I'd be fine with revisiting the character [of Lily]!

"On cutting her hair into a super-chic bob: "I just had to do something wild!

'Although it is early days, I know it is going to be a special relationship,' she said in a magazine interview.

This is the man who has brought happiness to the troubled life of comedy actress Caroline Aherne. Merton star has been secretly dating American actor Alexis Denisof for several weeks.

In 1997, Alexis was cast as the bumbling, arrogant replacement Watcher for Buffy Summers on the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The character was supposed to be in only a few episodes, but Alexis was such a fan favorite that Wesley was brought back on the spin-off series Angel.The two became friends quickly, and when everyone assumed that they were dating they decided to take the plunge.They were engaged after a year and were married on October 11, 2003.Her marriage to rock musician Peter Hook ended in divorce.She then began a relationship with TV researcher Matt Bowers, who traded blows with Mr."It was on the set in the apartment, and even though I didn't know what role I was testing for, I had a suspicion." Josh Radnor added that almost no words were changed from that test scene when it came time to actually tape it for the finale.

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