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Even its foreignness depends on the listener, not the speaker.

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Whose laughter was Chris Rock courting at the Oscars last year?

Who is meant to enjoy the kind of humor that relies on the presence of Asian-Americans and yet requires their silence?

Even in recent years, they have been channeled by some of our country’s funniest comedians (Colbert, Fey, Rock).

Why are our smartest and most progressive comedians writing about Asian-Americans as if we are people they have never seen, met, or talked to?

Comedy is not my field of specialty, but it seems like a reference to karate is not enough to qualify as a joke.

The same can be said of intoning an “Asian accent.” An accent itself is not particularly funny.

Presumably, David Cross found humor in his reference to Japanese martial arts, because it was directed at Charlyne Yi, an American woman who is, in her words, of “korean/filipino/mexican/yuki indian/irish/french/alien” descent.

An Asian accent—which, of course, doesn’t actually exist—becomes a joke when it is performed at or near Asian people.

More enthusiastic defenders often go on to provide theories as to why their jokes haven’t landed: Asian-Americans are overly sensitive, or have no sense of humor.

What gets lost is that, somehow, these jokes Asian-Americans are never meant for Asian-Americans.

Last week, Yi recalled the encounter with extraordinary detail, even though it had happened a decade ago.

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