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Instead, it ended in self-inflicted regicide, when frontman Caleb delivered this gutter-style mid-show abdication in Dallas: "I'm gonna go backstage, and I'm gonna vomit; I'm gonna drink a beer, and I'm gonna come back out and play three more songs."He never returned; the tour was over.

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Followill presented his fiancee with a 4-carat cushion-cut diamond set on a diamond-covered band that he designed.

He and Martha began dating in January of this year and attended the Grammy Awards together.

At Kings of Leon’s pinnacle, they were rock ‘n’ roll personified: a multiplatinum fourth album, “Only By the Night,” in 2008, lingerie models and rumored riders of excess that read like a pharmaceutical shopping list.

Their 2011 mega-tour should have undisputedly confirmed the Followills — brothers Caleb, Jared and Nathan, and cousin Matthew — as rock’s royal family.

The couple exchanged vows at Front Porch Farms in Charlotte, Tenn., a private 32-acre estate located just 30 minutes outside of Nashville.

While Patterson, 21, stunned in a gown by Monique Lhuillier, Followill, 25, and his groomsmen wore suits by Gucci.

And I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that rode it correctly with one hand in the air. I’ve had conversations with people, and I’ve been told that I’ve had conversations with people for like 30 minutes, and I’ll wake up and they will tell me what we were talking about and I’ll be like, “I do not remember that in the slightest bit.” And they’re like, “You seemed so sober! I don’t remember any of that.” So I’m pretty weird — I should probably go to the hospital for that or something.

Everybody else was using two hands and would be like, “Man, it’s so easy. Was the hedonism of your early days a rebellion against your religious upbringing?

Even in 2011, we did drink a lot but I think that the reason why the meltdown happened wasn’t necessarily because of drinking. People would see us and be like, “Man, those guys must be on acid. I would rather smoke weed and drink beer.”Tell us about that time then...

Michael Howard When Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill wed model Martha Patterson on Saturday, the occasion was nothing short of country chic.

”If you hadn’t had that meltdown in 2011, would you have continued with the hedonism, or did you need that? Did you ever get into any funny situations where you were going after the same girls as your brothers and cousin? And I definitely did not try to sleep with as many girls as possible.

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