Who is dating jared followill

They are expected to split their time between their residences in Nashville and Los Angeles.

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"I'm the luckiest girl in the world." Patterson began her pre-ceremony primping several days before the big event. "He is crazy about her," a source close to Jared tells Us.

"He dated around before, but he knows he picked the perfect woman to settle down with." PHOTOS: Zoom in on Hollywood's biggest engagement rings!

Instead, it ended in self-inflicted regicide, when frontman Caleb delivered this gutter-style mid-show abdication in Dallas: "I'm gonna go backstage, and I'm gonna vomit; I'm gonna drink a beer, and I'm gonna come back out and play three more songs."He never returned; the tour was over.

But after their two-year hiatus, the Kings are back to reclaim their throne.

Guests danced to the sounds of DJ Devin Lucien and enjoyed catering from Chefs Market during the bash, which was organized with the help of celebrity event planner Sharon Sacks.

“They had a great farm-to-table cuisine with all of their favorite things. It was very much true to their style,” a guest tells PEOPLE.

And I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that rode it correctly with one hand in the air. I’ve had conversations with people, and I’ve been told that I’ve had conversations with people for like 30 minutes, and I’ll wake up and they will tell me what we were talking about and I’ll be like, “I do not remember that in the slightest bit.” And they’re like, “You seemed so sober! I don’t remember any of that.” So I’m pretty weird — I should probably go to the hospital for that or something.

Everybody else was using two hands and would be like, “Man, it’s so easy. Was the hedonism of your early days a rebellion against your religious upbringing?

I stayed up there for like 30 seconds.” And it’s like – “because you cheated! Probably not consciously, but it was definitely like an animal that had been let out of a cage and allowed to roam free.

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