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Should Molly be cut at this point, it would obviously be painful, but she would bounce back. "She'd want (Jason) to be happy." Lacks, 24, is, coincidentally, related by marriage to Grand Rapids' last contestant on "The Bachelor" franchise, Brad Andrzejewski, who came in sixth place in 2004's "The Bachelorette" featuring Meredith Philips.

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During her couch time with Molly, she’s not giving up anything other than a steely gaze — especially when Molly says she’s fine to move because “I can still have my career in Seattle.” Later, when a weepy Jason asks her for help with his decision, mom defrosts a piece of advice that she’s been keeping in the family freezer since the 1950s: “Here’s a young lady who says she loves you to pieces, and yet she has a career, and career’s important to her.

But I think foremost for you, you want somebody who is family oriented, and who’s going to be there for Ty and you.” Yes, that’s right, Donna Reed: Never mind that your son is making his second (soon-to-be-failed) attempt to find a stepmom for Ty on a reality TV show — the real threat to his future happiness is that he may marry a woman who works outside the home.

"I think it's me," she said to Stephanie, Melissa, and Jillian, referring to whom she thought Jason would send packing that night. Mesnick told a radio listening audience in Seattle that Molly was the best kisser.

"It feels great to kiss Jason," she said later, "and I'm going to be doing it for the rest of my life." The way Molly said that, though, wasn't delusional; rather, she seemed to be confident in their bond and hopeful that she would be the last rose recipient standing.

"She lives for the moment." One tense moment for Malaney was when Jason chose Melissa for a one-on-one date, and it appeared she, not Molly, would meet Ty, his 3-year-old son (she only saw him sleeping).

Jason's second personal date was with Naomi, not her again, and Miss Molly's nerves got the best of her at the rose ceremony.

That’s when Mother Mesnick steers her son toward the raven-haired Melissa.

As I wrote in the recap: Mama Mesnick, unlike her son, has a pretty inscrutable poker face.

He was hoping his family could give him some clarity on who he should pick.

Lauren was up first to meet Arie's parents, twin younger brothers, sister and sister-in-law.

They celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary earlier this week and have two kids.

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