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He first formed the band TNT Boyz with three of his brothers, but they adopted the name B5 when the youngest brother, Bryan, joined the band. His younger brothers are Kelly, Patrick, Carnell, and Bryan.

Their mother and aunt inspired them to pursue their dreams.

A source close to Kelly said that they dated on and off, but Kelly couldn’t handle their long-distance relationship, and they broke up for good.

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Could Dustin Lynch really be Kelly Osbourne’s boyfriend in 2017?

Here’s a look at her relationship history in Kelly Osbourne’s dating timeline.

She launched a Twitter tirade on her ex-fiancé, and it was explosive to say the least!

After her split from Worrall and a few dating rumors with others, Kelly confirmed she was in a relationship with Rob Damiani, another rock band vocalist.

But he broke up with her on Valentine’s Day, of all days.

It wasn’t pleasant, with Mc Cracken claiming he was scared of commitment and Kelly accusing him of using her for his band’s gain.

They moved in together in February 2011, but familiarity can sometimes breed contempt.

The couple split after less than a month of living together.

There's even a picture of them together and he said before that's his girlfriend.

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