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Pina acknowledges her friend is falling in love with Alejandro and she introduces her to a young man whom she considers to be a better catch for her: Professor Cristóbal.He is a good-hearted man who teaches her how to read and write and, over time, he grows fond of her.When her baby is born, María is jobless and homeless as well, but she finds a home in Doña Felicitas’ tenement; she is Cristóbal’s mother.

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María works very hard, thus, when her birthday comes, Pina practically yanks her out to get distracted and celebrate her arrival to adulthood in Xochimilco.

Alejandro meets her there; he gets mesmerized by her beauty and starts courting her.

Lo bueno es que ahora hay dos guapos solteros al alcance!

José Ron and Ariadne Díaz are no longer a couple and have ended their relationship.

In addition to reporting for Latin Times and when he is not watching Brazilian and Mexican telenovelas or quoting lines from "Clueless" and "Friends" he is brushing up his skills in CSS and responsive website design.

Some of his celebrity idols include Eiza Gonzalez, Paulina Rubio and Amanda Bynes.

Mexican tabloid magazine, TV Notas, confirmed the news citing major and frequent arguments.

The pair of actors met and fell in love when they were both filming the telenovela "La Mujer del Vendaval." Many speculated that it was only a showmance and it would end as soon as the soap stopped airing, but they manged to stay strong up until Christmas time when they decided to split.

She hopes to marry him when she learns she is pregnant, but Alejandro refuses to do so, arguing that he must finish his studies.

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