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Pup’s previously bad batting stats are no more Lara’s fault than Katie Holmes is to blame for Tom Cruise’s shocking choice of movies (Rock of Ages, anyone?

Sports journalist Phil “Buzz” Rothfield writes: His batting average since marrying stunning model Kyly Boldy in May is an equally stunning 263.5 It’s a big improvement on the old soap opera days of the Lara Bingle relationship when he more often appeared in gossip than sporting columns. Rothfield quotes a source’s less-than-admirable take on the two relationships: And there’s where my eyebrows went from half-mast to hairline.

From this, I’m gathering, sports-mad Australia should be thanking their lucky stars Michael saw the light and moved on from that harpy Lara before it was too late. Stable partnerships can help people achieve great things…

The following year she began her career as a reporter.

It’s true that Lara's salary is high and the real figure of her net worth is around $4 million dollars.

Lara Worthington is one of the famous models from Australia.

She has also established herself as a television personality.She dreamed about modeling since her childhood days. From that time on she has appeared on the covers of several magazines like ELLE, Grazia and many more.Edit After completing her high school education, Lara joined St Vincent's College, she didn’t complete her education from there and then joined National Institute of Dramatic Art to pursue her dreams in acting, modeling and so on.It was a huge feat, something he certainly couldn’t have managed if he was still dating Lara Bingle. According to the Daily Telegraph, Michael Clarke’s winning streak has less to do with his talent and everything to do with his decision to kick Lara to the kerb and put a ring on new wife Kyly Boldy instead.A wife who would make the relationship “all about him”.Do you think the implication that Clarke is a better player without Lara Bingle is insulting?

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