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, singer, videos Remember that infographic that showed that Rihanna's attendance at basketball games improves the home team's win percentage?

Well, it was proven true once again as Ri Ri attended Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers in Oakland on Thursday…

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At least she's doing her Christian Dior promotional duties, even if the look feels a little thrown together.

Of course, we're not really sure what else one wears with a bucket hat. [ was released on Saturday night, and while it isn't a club hit, it's definitely catchy!

[ Related: Rihanna Looks Stylish Courtside Even As Her Team Loses! However, being the rebel that she is, the 27-year-old had to put her own twist on things! Luckily, the Barbados-native's friend Melissa Forde was able to capture the festivities on Instagram!

Instead of dressing up as Pebbles Flintstone, the singer created her own persona… Not to be outdone, her assistant Jennifer Rosales attended the soirée as Ratchet Wilma! Tags: adorable, birthday, birthday party, characters, flintstones, funny, girls, happy birthday, highlarious, hip hop, instagram, jennifer rosales, lolz, majesty, melissa forde, party, rihanna, riri, silly!

[ Related: Kanye West Told Radio Programmers That He Wants To Be On The Radio ] It seems like Rihanna didn't know it was set to come out though, because her bestie Melissa Forde caught Ri Ri geeking when she saw the live link for her song! Ch-ch-check it out Tags: four or five seconds, kanye west, listen, melissa forde, music minute, paul mccartney, reaction, rihanna, rihanna new song, rihanna photos When he said is was all love between them, he clearly meant it!

Earlier this year, Drake and Rihanna were loved up in Europe, but when they got back to America, things were much different.

“You’ve got a great ass for days—Kim Kardashian has nothing on you,” she tells Melyssa. She’ll never find a husband if she leads with her body. “Men don’t realize you’re a person when you lead with sexuality.” Could it be that the problem isn’t Melyssa, but that most men are just dumb, creepy pervs? “When you meet a man, does he want your virtue, or does he want your vagina? ” Still, there’s a guy named Jay who seems like a swell gent, and Melyssa picks him for her master date.

Our second millionaire is another D-list celeb (I told you this season was fancy). Larry, meanwhile, is so romantically inept, he doesn’t even get to pick his own master date partner.

This judgement-free snacking zone only proves that the songstress would be the perfect partner to celebrate 4/20 with.

That, and the fact that she belts out the words to Aerosmith's on the car ride back. LOLz Ch-ch-check out the recording (below) to see what it's like going on a snack run with Rihanna!

So, it's no surprise that she'd know how to do 4/20 right.

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