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I feel younger audience might like it due to it's magic and fantasy scenes, and I did enjoy those magical moments, but for someone more mature like myself, it didn't fit my taste. I'm so happy that this drama isn't like those high school cliche love stories. You did a great job that i really want to cry because i want more I just watched episode 5 and I can say that this drama is so boring.I wouldn't recommend this to anyone that's a really big drama viewer BTOB sungjae was given the main role but he rejected it . It showed lady power and true friendship (even though some parts are VERY cheesy). Well truthfully, there is some draggy parts but overall it's good! At the very first appearance of Soon Deok, i know that i dont like her.

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The concept from the early on was unique and justified, the plot overall was good and the development of the characters was totally great. Also, the Alive OST is one you should be falling in love too (especially if you also like Reply OST from School 2015 and Hallucination from KMHM). ^_^ If you are wondering whether or not to watch this drama WATCH IT !!!

I just love the story and can't help to wish I'm in it, having a life as amazing as them :) SPOILER!! Thankful because he improved a lot before the drama ended. Good job Moorim School cast and staff, you made me cry, smile, laugh and jealous all in all. I'm so inlove with this Moorim School Drama, that i wish it does exist. Tbh I definitely did not think I was wasting my time while watching this drama I get bored really easily and stop watching dramas half way but this drama was pretty enticing (((SPOILERRRR ALERT))))))) however it reallllllllllyyyyyy pisssed me off, I hate how yoon shi woo and seon doek end up together like they basically started loving each other out of no where and yoon shin woo barely showed any remorse towards wang chi yang when he took his girl, the relationships in this drama where poorly sought out.

The teachers and students at the school come from different countries and each have their own stories.

I love the drama...was so interesting , I feel like I was in fairy land , I love the scenery and the Moorim school.the mixture of powers..waoooooh... I first started watching the drama because I wanted something school-ish, and somehow Moorim School came up.

Sacrificing also takes place in this drama,you have to give up on what you have to keep what is more important in you. I went into it with high hopes since Hongbin and Hyunwoo were leads. @Call Me Miss A , actually sung jae was offered the role of chi-ang whis is now played by hong bin!! Thank god she didn't end up with Chi Ang or I would've killed myself!

For me the writer,actors and actresses and staff who made this movie,you did a great job!?? I've tried really really hard to like the drama, but it just became really dry and boring. and also yeees tnx god he declined this drama cause it had low ratings and my cutie son deserves a better one :/// Forget to mention that the cast is perfect EXCEPT the female lead. I watched this drama recently n man it's soo amazing!!! This is the best k drama I've ever watched n the cast too is just perfect!! Really sad that it was cut down to 16 eps n not praised Very nice drama,one of the best,perfect casting and am glad it straight to the point instead of others that beats around the bush making super long nd eventually tiring.

I struggled a lot even getting past the first 5 episodes, I found myself getting frustrated at how slow paced everything was and how repetitive everything was. Now I am so determined to bring our friendships back but this time even stronger... This movie is so inspiring and touching....i actually thought korean movies is all about kissing and romance ..this movie proved me wrong..all about friendship and what it takes to protect people special to you...nice thumbs up!!

I really did give it my best, and I understand that others liked it, but in my honest opinion without being biased I felt this wasn't good at all. This drama Is So Nice It's Teaches You The Real Meaning Of "Frendship'', I don't Know why It's Low Rating In Korea,, I Watch This Because Of Seo Ye Ji When I First saw her in Potato star she Is So Beautiful and Funny And Seo Ye Ji is 26 Years old :) Ahhhhhh! Yea some parts may be a bit draggy but it still kept me on my toes.

(Please leave Lee Hyun-Woo's hair like it was in the first episodes and be sure to have Seo Ye-Ji and the other leading actors again.) Good work! PS Reminder to other commentors to be courteous and not give away the ending!

the first 5 or 6 episodes was just too cheesy for me, like bad cheesy. i almost gave up on it but then the plot picked up around episode 7. i did appreciate the show bringing in some other ethenicities to make the school more diverse.

i also understand why there was a conflict with budget..

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