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I struggled a lot even getting past the first 5 episodes, I found myself getting frustrated at how slow paced everything was and how repetitive everything was. Now I am so determined to bring our friendships back but this time even stronger... This movie is so inspiring and touching....i actually thought korean movies is all about kissing and romance ..this movie proved me wrong..all about friendship and what it takes to protect people special to you...nice thumbs up!!I really did give it my best, and I understand that others liked it, but in my honest opinion without being biased I felt this wasn't good at all. This drama Is So Nice It's Teaches You The Real Meaning Of "Frendship'', I don't Know why It's Low Rating In Korea,, I Watch This Because Of Seo Ye Ji When I First saw her in Potato star she Is So Beautiful and Funny And Seo Ye Ji is 26 Years old :) Ahhhhhh! Yea some parts may be a bit draggy but it still kept me on my toes.

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I am not kbs channel biased,n I watch a lot of Korean drama since I was teenager but I from what I can see most of kbs drama are turn into great drama . , oh my venus , all about mom , school 2015 , healer , cantabile tomorrow, maigaddd that doesn't include long term drama like sweet secret and what happen to my family... who ever said that fight me first bitches before you say anything about my precious hong bin, vixx fans is over the world and eat you a alive! i felt all the emotions during the last 2 eps and i must say this drama has one of the best finales ever. the characters are so lovable and what makes it more interesting.. Trusting one another even through the darkest times. Seriously guys, you gotta watch Percy Jakson "Sea of Monters" and you will find out that they just copy one of percy's scene.

10 star out of 10 for MOORIM SCHOOL Plz guyz its better if u don't read the comments or the ratings cuz that way u wouldn't want to watch it ...... The last 2 episodes make me cry so much...especially the scene between Hongbin and his father shiwoo and his father .. I don't believe that this drama has got low ratings. this drama deserves a rating higher than 92 because it teaches lifelong lessons about true friendship, family and most especially trust. Also how greed can turn people into selfish arrogant humans but when it comes to family love is stronger . Seriously, the opening really turn me off, and i stop watched this drama right away..

Plot/Storyline: 8/10 Acting: Chi Ang (Hongbin) 9/10 Shi Woo (Hyun Wo): 10/10 Seon Ah (Eu Gene): 9/10 Soon Deok (Ye Ji) : 7/10 The ending was ABSOLUTELY SATISFYING!

Although some parts were hurried and some were /really/ dragging, I love this drama very much!

The concept from the early on was unique and justified, the plot overall was good and the development of the characters was totally great. Also, the Alive OST is one you should be falling in love too (especially if you also like Reply OST from School 2015 and Hallucination from KMHM). ^_^ If you are wondering whether or not to watch this drama WATCH IT !!!

I just love the story and can't help to wish I'm in it, having a life as amazing as them :) SPOILER!! Thankful because he improved a lot before the drama ended. Good job Moorim School cast and staff, you made me cry, smile, laugh and jealous all in all. I'm so inlove with this Moorim School Drama, that i wish it does exist. Tbh I definitely did not think I was wasting my time while watching this drama I get bored really easily and stop watching dramas half way but this drama was pretty enticing (((SPOILERRRR ALERT))))))) however it reallllllllllyyyyyy pisssed me off, I hate how yoon shi woo and seon doek end up together like they basically started loving each other out of no where and yoon shin woo barely showed any remorse towards wang chi yang when he took his girl, the relationships in this drama where poorly sought out.

I read a lot of reviews about it, and there were a lot saying how it was draggy. All in all, despite having a few weaknesses, it's a pretty good drama, and hyun woo and hongbin are superr added bonuses : Great drama! Lee Hyun Woo and Hong Bin and that Ariel girl and everyone is so good but why? Sometimes Knetz only puts their interests in dramas that are naturally popular because of the actors.

I tried to watch it anyway, and yes,, it was kind of draggy. I looove Shi Woo and Chi Ang's friendship, (and I could really do without the romance and the girls tbh--- even tho i appreciate them) omg they're so precious ?? It was the ost which drew me to this (superb tracks! Great lead and supporting cast which grow on you, with a mysterious and twists filled story. They probably won't give this a chance if that's the case.

The teachers and students at the school come from different countries and each have their own stories.

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