Who is new york from flavor of love dating Aadult dating txt 223

"That's one thing I didn't appreciate with her."Hottie" data-reactid="135"Viewers may remember Hottie for her lack of cooking skills when she was asked to bake Flav's mom's chicken recipe. "Being a vegetarian, I had never cooked a chicken in my life," she told Yahoo TV.

Who is new york from flavor of love dating

"If Tiffany ends up being pregnant, and has this baby, she's having my baby. Pollard, who said she was five weeks along in the previously taped episode, told viewers in a confessional moment that she's still looking forward to becoming a mom herself.

"I know it's gonna change everything, so I think that's the thing I'm worried about the most," she confesses.

"Oh f---, oh my gosh, no," she exclaims with surprise. But Pollard's mother, Michelle Rothschild-Patterson, known publicly as "Sister Patterson," doesn't believe her own daughter is expecting a baby. If Tiffany was pregnant, I would know it," Patterson says.

Pollard tries to laugh it off, but her mother doesn't see the humor.

It's a lot of work." It's unclear who the father is, but Pollard shared a photo of herself holding a baby late last year, telling fans she was "hooked" and wanted to become a "mama." Pollard, described as a "walking time bomb of awesomeness for reality TV" by "Flavor of Love" casting associate Douglas Howington in 2014, is a graduate of Thomas R. Her dramatic appearances and quotable personality, including the self-appointed nickname "H. She's returned with a vengeance the past year, getting her breast implants fixed on "Botched," appeared on the UK series "Celebrity Big Brother," and now stars on "Family Therapy." What's next?

[Related: Race and Reality: The Quiet Success of the Black Unscripted Boom]And even though Flav ended the third (and final) season reunion in 2008 with a shocker (he met a woman away from the show that he's in love with?!

"Why would I turn down a chance to kiss one of the most famous grills in the world?

"Krazy" data-reactid="95"Despite some harsh criticism from her fellow contestants during the show, Krazy has continued to pursue a career in music. "I will always have a lot of love for him."How she feels about contestant New York, on the other hand, may be a different story. But that is why everyone loves to hate New York."Smiley" data-reactid="115"Happily married to a doctor and raising her three children, Smiley is now focused on her education.

See full summary » The show was funny with a few moments of real excitement, some pretty hot girls, and one of the most original guys I've ever seen on TV.

Although the show was about a rapper it didn't go to far with the rap (I mean it didn't try to shove the rap down our throats) Although the show contained an interracial cast it didn't go overboard trying make some statement about race.

This follow-up of New York Goes to Hollywood stars Tiffany "New York" Pollard as she tries to find a ...

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