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Wallin and her executive assistant, and what they subsequently obtained through research and Outlook calendar backups,” says the steering committee report.

“At no time did I attempt to mislead Deloitte in any way,” Wallin — who was not present during the review — said Monday.

“We knew that Deloitte had a copy of the original calendars available to them at all times.” Wallin claims Conservative Sen.

The audit examined every flight Wallin took over 1,369 days between Jan. 30, 2012, between Ottawa and Saskatchewan, the province she represents — many of them with stopovers in Toronto of at least one night.

Deloitte auditors flagged $121,348 in inappropriate expenses and called for further review of nearly $21,000 in additional claims.

Wallin has already repaid $38,000, and has since promised to reimburse any disallowed expenses — with interest — out of her own pocket.

The auditors also determined that 0,182 of the 2,508 claimed by Wallin for travel was appropriate.A spokeswoman for the RCMP refused to talk about the audit or how it intends to proceed.“We have not yet received the referral but when we do, other than to acknowledge receipt, our response remains: we are not in a position to comment on the matter,” Cpl. The ongoing Senate expense scandal — which has already ensnared former Conservatives Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau as well as former Liberal Mac Harb — has been a persistent black eye for the upper chamber.“I believe I can speak for my colleagues on both sides when I say that we found aspects of the Deloitte report very troubling,” said Liberal Sen.George Furey, one of three senators on a steering committee who reported on the audit.David Tkachuk, the former chair of the Senate internal economy committee, told her to make the changes to her calendar.

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