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Earlier this month, for example, he cut a forlorn figure after being spotted by young Harry Potter fans as he escorted Spencer and Alice on a day out at the Universal Studios theme park in Los Angeles.Notoriously tetchy about being stopped by members of the public, he is said to have spent much of the time hiding behind sunglasses and a baseball cap while sitting in the shade smoking. During a New York press junket for Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban, he got himself into trouble when he was asked about being approached by fans.We try to leave them to their life, but everyone here will be happy if they have sorted out their problems.

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'He has some offers on the table, but nothing we can talk about yet,' his long-time London representative Belinda Wright told me.

That's agent-speak for: 'We're waiting by the phone to see if anyone calls.' Not, it must be pointed out, that Robbie needs the work.

Understandably, perhaps, he is less keen to trumpet the fact that his doctor has ordered him to take statins to lower his cholesterol, and that he has a dodgy leg.

So has all that schmoozing and those pristine teeth had the desired effect?

But of late, the fiercely private Coltrane has started dropping into conversation references to 'my missus', and Rhona's name has reappeared on the electoral roll for his £3 million converted barn on the outskirts of Dumgoyne, Stirlingshire, 15 miles north of Glasgow.

This week, a local shopkeeper said: 'I saw them with the children and they looked as if they were back together. It was just him and he seemed a bit sad and lonely.

He has had his teeth jet-blasted with baking soda in a bid to make them whiter.

He has also been crowing that despite his huge bulk, he is fighting fit, is swimming and, surprisingly, has 'the arteries of a young man'.

But he has been talking up his trip to Hollywood during which, when not entertaining his family, he made time for power lunches with his agents and important studio executives.

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