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The two were a couple for twelve years but are no longer romantically involved.

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Marco Sabba (series 5), Daniel Bryan (series 5, won third place), Derek Laud (series 6), Craig Coates (series 6, won fifth place), Kemal Shahin (series 6, also a crossdresser), Richard Newman (series 7, won fourth place), Michael Cheshire (series 7) and Dennis Mc Hugh (BB9) are gay.

Anna Nolan was the first lesbian seen on Big Brother (second place, series 1) while Kitten Pinder is also a lesbian and Sara Folino (BB9) is bisexual. Shabby developed a crush on friend and housemate Caoimhe Gurfole.

Nichola Holt (Season 1) Anna Nolan (Season 1) Runner-Up Sada Walkington (Season 1) Brian Dowling (Season 2) Winner Josh Rafter (Season 2) Adele Roberts (Season 3) Nadia Almada (Season 5) Winner Daniel Bryan (Season 5) Emma Louise Greenwood (Season 5) Kitten Pinder (Season 5) Marco Sabba (Season 5) Craig Coates (Season 6) Derek Laud (Season 6) Kemal Shahin (Season 6) Sam Brodie (Season 7) Shahbaz Chauhdry (Season 7) Michael Cheshire (Season 7) Richard Newman (Season 7) Glyn Wise (Season 7) Runner-Up Tracey Barnard (Season 8) Seán "Seány" O'Kane (Season 8) Gerry Stergiopoulos (Season 8) Dennis Mc Hugh (Season 9) Charlie Drummond (Season 10) Freddie/Halfwit Fisher (Season 10) Rodrigo Lopes (Season 10) Angel Mc Kenzie (Season 10) David Ramsden (Season 10) Lisa Elizabeth Wallace(Season 10) Corin Forshaw (Season 11) Caoimhe Guilfoyle (Season 11) Shabby Katchadourian (Season 11) Mario Mugan (Season 11) Tom O'Connell (Season 12) Luke Anderson (Season 13) Winner Scott Mason (Season 13) Sallie Axl (Season 14) Jack Glenny (Season 14) Wolfy Millington (Season 14) Dan Neal (Season 14) Mark Byron (Season 15) Christopher Hall (Season 15) Aaron Frew (season 16) Simon Gross (season 16) Adjoa Mensah (season 16) Sam Giffen (season 17) Hughie Maughan (season 17) Ryan Ruckledge (season 17) Andy West (season 17) Raph Korine (season 18)Transgender houseguest Nadia Almada won Big Brother 5 UK in 2004.

Brian Dowling, an openly gay man, won the second series.

Gay “recruits” will be treated to party nights and gay rewards as missions are accomplished. Aiken came out publicly several years after his appearance on the series. Davis did not come out until years after her season had concluded.

Tim Gunn Jay Mc Carroll (season 1) Santino Rice (season 2) Christian Siriano (season 4) Jack Mackenroth (season 4) Anthony Ryan Auld (season 9) Bert Keeter (season 9) Bryce Black (season 9) Joshua Mc Kinley (season 9) Rafael Cox (season 9) Viktor Luna (season 9) David Chum (season 9) Gunnar Deatherage (season 9)Jay Manuel J. Noriega appeared on the sixth season of Ru Paul's Drag Race as Adore Delano.

During season 2, the heterosexual Rebecca has a brief relationship with Jackie. Mc Carron and Anderson are models who joined in season 3 and are boyfriends. Effeminate gay men are removed from their cozy gay life, and into the hands of a U. Each episode, the gay “recruits” face new training missions designed to bring out the man and prepare them for battle. Her and Kayla returned for Cycle 17, billed as an "all-star" cycle.

In the final episode they face the "real" army in war. In Cycle 20, Banks expanded the scope of the competition to include male models as well, including Cory, who identifies as gay.

John Hall (aka Farmer John) brought his goat herd to the farm and assists with the farm's operations. Ty Colliers (season 1) Cordelia Carlisle (season 2) Florina Kaja (season 4) Brandi Arceneaux (season 5) Lea Beaulieu (season 5) Christina Hopkins (season 5) Sydney Steinfeldt (season 6) Shelly Hickman (season 7) Judi Jai (season 7, season 13) Erica Figueroa (season 8) Julie Ofcharsky (season 9, season 13) Zuly Ramos (season 9) Stephanie George (season 10) Valentina Anyanwu (season 10) Jenniffer Hardwick (season 10) Raquel "Rocky" Santiago (season 10, season 13) Tess Mett (season 11) Stephanie Rivera (season 11) Tiana Small (season 11) Shanae Thomas (season 11) Alyssa "Redd" Carswell (season 12, season 13) Jonica "Blu" Booth (season 12) Aysia Garza (season 12) Raesha Clanton (season 12) Kat Florek (season 14) Beatrice "Ginger" Miller (season 14) Olivia "Liv" Adams (season 15) Diamond Jimenez (season 15) Angela Babicz (season 15) Elliadria "Persuasian" Griffin (season 16) Kailie Lima (season 16) Zee Carrino (season 16) Kandyce Hogan (season 16) Kabrina Nashaye (season 16) Deshayla "Shay" Harris (season 17) Sayyora Badalbaeva (season 17) Seven Craft (season 17)Ty, Cordelia, Flo, Brandi, Lea, Sydney, Judi, Erica, Julie, Stephanie G, Valentina, Jenniffer, Tess, Stephanie R, Tiana, Shanae, Aysia, Raesha, Ginger, Angela, Elliadria, Kailie, Zee, Kabrina, Sayyora and Seven are bisexual.

Plummer and Roberts are their neighbors and owners of the American Hotel in Sharon Springs, New York, where the series is set. Other contestants Sonique, Kenya Michaels, Carmen Carrera, Jiggly Caliente, Monica Beverly Hillz, Gia Gunn, and Peppermint are transgender women. While in Mexico on vacation his friend outs him as bisexual to two girls on the beach. Christina, Shelly, Zuly, Rocky, Redd, Blu, Kat, Olivia, Diamond, Kandyce and Deshayla are gay.

Smith Chris Gould Melissa Scott Jasmine Washington Keanna Arnold Erica Mena Rusher is a registered nurse who specializes in cosmetic injectables.

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