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Becoming a UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and Star: Ortiz lost his next fight to Frank Shamrock by TKO after fatiguing late in the fight.This actually compelled him to become a cardio machine later in his career, as he never wanted to feel that way in a bout again.Tito Ortiz CIF All-State Selection (1993) Civil awards and decorations Coach Declaration of financial interests Exonumia Frank Shamrock Golden West College Huntington Beach Jacob Christopher "Tito" Ortiz Jacob Christopher Ortiz Jacob Ortiz January 23 Jenna Jameson Jesse Jameson Ortiz Josip Broz Tito Journey Jette Ortiz Lawsuit Mexican American Mixed Martial Artist Mixed martial arts Mixed Martial Arts Hall of Fame MMA MMA Freak Hall of Fame Class of 2013 Nationality Pornographic film actor Randy Couture Randy Couture vs.

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Tito’s career as a mixed martial artist began in 1997, and it soon became the main source of his net worth.

In 1999 Tito participated in the “UFC 22” championship, and although his performance was not very successful it helped him to gain more experience and improve his skills, such that a year later he was able to win the title of Light Heavyweight Champion; this had a huge impact on the growth of Tito’s net worth.

Martial Arts Background: Ortiz began wrestling as a sophomore at Huntington Beach High School, where he finished fourth in the state high school championships as a senior.

Later, he became a wrestler at both Golden West College (junior college) and later Cal State Bakersfield.

Then he served as coach on TUF 3, where his ability to connect with the up and coming fighters under his tutelage and his caring attitude were on display. Is Ortiz a selfish guy that disrespects his opponents after fights or one that selflessly works to better fighters that could one day challenge him in the sport he's devoted his life to? Date of Birth: Ortiz was born on January 23, 1975 in Huntington Beach, California.

Training Camp, Fighting Organization, and Nickname: Ortiz trains with Team Punishment and fights for Bellator MMA. As of 1/31/16, Ortiz had taken home two victories in Bellator, which was a stark and positive contrast to what he had done in his final years in the UFC.During his career Ortiz has gained various titles and awards; some of the achievements include Most Fights in UFC History, Second Most Successful Light Heavyweight Title Defense in UFC History, Fight of the Night, UFC 13 Light Heavyweight Tournament Runner-Up, among many others. Undoubtedly, Tito is one of the most successful mixed martial artists.If you consider how rich Tito Ortiz is, it can be said that Tito’s net worth as estimated by authoritative sources is over million, having mainly gained this sum of money through his career as a mixed martial artist which spanned 1997 to 2017.He won two California state junior college titles while at Golden West.MMA Beginnings : Ortiz made his mixed martial arts debut for no money at UFC 13, destroying Wes Albritton in an alternate bout via TKO.After the fight, as used to be customary with him, Ortiz wore a tee shirt that read "Gay Mezger is my Bitch".

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