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I was good at tests, and I just relied on that to make it through. Actually, it was: There were fewer homework assignments and more tests, and most of my teachers didn’t know whether I was in class or not.

So, here I was in college with a new passion, little need to go to class, and my own happy place (my room).

The rest was observations mixed with some advice, and this was a story. It was supposed to be one of ten parts of the big post.

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She told me that our old teacher Mary had asked about me, and encouraged me to audition. Most people were less reserved than I was, willing to be more adventerous and outlandish on stage.

I was very surprised to hear the next week that they wanted me at callbacks.

My parents were paying for my school, housing, and a meal plan, and I never spent money on anything other than video games, so I wasn’t running out anytime soon. Once the winter of my sophomore year rolled around, I had a run that $50 up to a few thousand.

I had read a handful of books, joined 2 2, bought Poker Tracker, and was making about $30/hr playing Sit-n-Go’s.

My Mom later told me “Maybe I should’ve made you work harder, but you were always getting A’s.” I managed to get through middle school and high school doing almost no work, though towards the end my GPA suffered (I’m fairly certain my Chemistry teacher changed her grading system to 50/50 tests/homework from 90/10 because she hated me for not doing a single homework assignment all of first semester).

I don’t know what it is about me, but I never was interested enough in something to do my homework or to study.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum may be taking some tips from the Kardashian’s in her ripped jeans and strappy sandals get-up, but the actress’s shoes are quite unlike anything we’ve seen recently.

The cone heeled, boot-inspired, tan leather beauties are quite unusual, and fashion finder is loving them.

I was studying and playing around the clock (though mostly playing… Poker was like a video game, an awesome video game, and I was focused on building my bankroll, my ROI, and the stakes that I could beat. I like people, sure, but too long in a crowded environment with no chance to get away is debilitating. ) I met Caroline through an Improv class that I took my freshman year.

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