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‘They really tried to connect in New York, they were spending a lot of time together and were basically living together, but when his schedule picked up, they just started to drift again.

She flew out to Vancouver and I think that was basically a last ditch effort to make it work,’ another source explained.

Cape Town is still one of my favourite holiday destinations, it feels like you not in SA and you in a totally different place. Best experience traveling with my mom to celebrate my 21st birthday.

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This red biker jacket looks like perfection accessorised with a pair of black sunnies.

You would think that after the whole Sol incident on 5FM colleagues would learn to watch what they say and choose their platform to voice their opinions wisely.

I ate a sandwich earlier, you want them leftovers too?

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Jessica is a fashion designer and these two met on the set of the film A Million Colours in 2010 which Wandile was acting in.

Why we love them: Despite people looking at them weird and talking about their multi – racial relationship, the couple stays strong because they know that the bond that binds them is much stronger than anything.

The Weeknd and Selena Gomez recently ended their ten-month relationship, and a source close to the situation has suggested the Canadian star considered the brunette beauty to be secondary to his music career.

An insider explained: ‘Everyone wants love, but his focus is the business. He’s young and successful with money and can have any girl he wants.

Even though we haven’t seen her in a cheerleading sweater or holding a set of pompoms yet, Emily Di Donato is about as all-American as you can get.

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